Support system for security and trust
Good support from import of overseas products to maintenance.
We always provide our customers with cutting-edge products and technologies.

We will respond to customer needs from product selection to aftercare.

General Bussan is not just a company that sells products. We analyze the conditions required by customers and select, propose the best product and solutions. We continuously collect the latest technical information of various market and support with expertise cultivated by years of experience.

In addition, we have dedicated experienced technical staff for specific fields and application, and we have an organization that can respond to various requests and consultations.

At present, we sell products related to High Voltage, as well as measuring systems, RF products, low voltage products, and electronic components. Customers are in various fields such as semiconductor, vacuum equipment, medical, analytical instruments, and advanced science.


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Company Profile General Bussan CO., LTD
Founded in 1968
Address 2-18-2 Nakano, Nakano-Ku TOKYO 164-0001
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