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Ultrafast pulsed power supply, Pockels Cell driver


Ultrafast pulsed power supply, Pockels Cell driver
Ultrafast, high voltage, large current pulsed power supply achieves fast rise/fall time in picoseconds by utilizing FID’s distinctive all-solid-state FID switches and DRD semiconductor switches. Their lineup includes single-purpose driver units for Pockels Cell as well as the products suitable for the application such as discharge devices. Flexible customizing.
Type Output Voltage Maximum Repetition Frequency Rise time Maximum Power Model
Pulsed power supply* 1MV 10MHz 20psec 1GW 36
Pockels Cell driver 20kV 100MHz 2ns 72
  • * Customization available
Custom fast pulse power supply

Pulsed Power Japan Laboratory Ltd. (PPJ)

Custom fast pulsed power supply
Their semiconductor MARX type ultra compact high voltage pulsed power supply shows no oscillation at high impedance.
Based on the numerous experiences and achievements in high repetition, high voltage and large current pulsed generator development, PPJ. designs circuit configurations that meet your needs by selecting the optimal switch out of a variety of switches like HV semiconductor switch, fast magnetic switch, semiconductor opening switch, etc, including HV electron tube.
Product examples* Maximum frequency Pulse width Repetition Semiconductor device / Circuit type
HV pulsed generator for magnetron -8.5kV/100A 4.2us 250Hz IGBT
HV pulser unit for electron gun 20kV/1A 4us 250Hz MOSFET/MARX
Pulsed power supply for plasma -30kV/30Ap 50ns 1kHz SOS
  • * Customization available
Fast high voltage solid-state switch, High voltage pulser


Fast high voltage solid-state switch, High voltage pulser
BEHLKE is a high speed HV solid-state switch manufacturer who provides more than 200 lineups.
MOSFET, IGBT, MCT and SCR technologies are employed in a BEHLKE’s module which a maximum of 500 semiconductor devices are built into.
  • ■Max 150kV/16kAp-p/3MHz Fast switching technology
  • ■High spec, lightweight, and compact design
  • ■High reliability, 5 years warranty
  • ■MOS-FET, IGBT, SCR, MCT lineups
Voltage Peak current Rise time
1 to 120kV 15A to16kA 1ns to 500ns
Pulse power supply (Commercial off-the-shelf)


Pulse power supply (Commercial off-the-shelf)
Ultrashort pulsed power supply and power generator that are applied in the technological development in biotechnology, industrial machinery and medical field are available.
Space-saving Ultrashort pulsed power supply achieves the rise time of 10nS or less and the pulse width of 25nS or less. Custom designs on all items available.
Type Output Voltage Rise time Pulse width Max Repetition Frequency
Ultrashort pulsed power supply 25kV
(at no load)
10nS or less 25nS or less 1000pps
Pulsed-power generator 11kV~30kV
(at 500Ωload)
50nS~300nS 15000pps~120pps
Fast pulser, LD driver unit


Fast pulser, LD driver unit
High voltage pulsed generator featuring solid-state, half bridge circuit design achieves a maximum of ±10kV / a minimum of 10nS fast rise and fall time, suppresses power loss, and causes virtually no overshoot / undershoot nor ringing. High current LD driver unit that has compatibility with high power laser diodes is suitable for experiment, research and aging.
Type Output Voltage Output Current Pulse width Max Repetition Frequency Standard model
Pulser 10kV 40ns~DC 1MHz 10
Pulsed LD driver unit* 600A 50ns~500ms 1MHz 10
Pulsed LD driver module 125A 4ns~DC 1MHz 8
HV attenuator, terminator, pulse generator, HV divider

Barth Electronics

HV attenuator, terminator, pulse generator, HV divider
Barth Electronics, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing the most advanced sub-nanosecond high energy, pulse power coaxial components since 1964. Their products provide the accurate measurement at mV or kV signal level. Their resistance value is maintained at 50±0.5Ωto minimize the variation in attenuation caused by changes in ambient temperature and to perform accurate and repeatable attenuation measurements.
Type Output Voltage Pulse width Rise time Output Current Standard model
Attenuator 50kV 75~400ns 10ps~ 27
Terminator 10kV 100~400ns 2MWp 7
Pulse generator 5kV 1.5ns~400ns 200ps 5
HV divider 10kV 25ns~400ns 35ps 24

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