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Broadband RF power amplifier system

Tomco Technologies

Broadband RF power amplifier system
Tomco Technologies supplies robust and compact all-solid-state Tr amplifiers using the latest semiconductor technology.
With over 30 year experience in Radar system application, Tomco’s products have been adopted in a broad range of applications including NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) instruments and accelerators.
Type Maximum frequency Maximum Power Standard model
CW Amplifiers* 1.3GHz 150kW 24~
Pulsed Amplifiers * 1.3GHz 300kW 26~
Pulsed Amplifiers for NMR * 300MHz 4kW 9~
Pulsed Amplifiers for Radar Systems * 200MHz 96kW 6~
  • *Custom frequency range made to order within the rated range.

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