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High voltage diode / capacitor
DTI, a specialized manufacture of high voltage diode, capacitor, varistor and custom power supplies, has successful experience in the field of accelerator, medical, analyzer and semiconductor.
DTI secures the stable supply.
Type Max withstand voltage Max current Shape Models
High voltage diode 600kV 4,400A Axial lead type, Block type,
Bridge type, Surface mount type
Type Max withstand voltage Capacitance Shape Models
Ceramic capacitor 50kV 39,000pF Axial lead type, Doorknob type 1,100~
High capacity film capacitor


High capacity film capacitor
A manufacture specializing in high voltage film capacitor, Leclanche, offers small sized high capacitance packages that have superior characteristics such as low inductance, self-healing and long life. Shapes and configurations will be finely tailored to meet the customer’s request up to rated voltage of 120kV.
Type・Shape Rated voltage Rated capacitance Temperature range Models
-Flexible design
-Connecting terminals with variety of options
~120kV 0.1uF~8,000uF 40~85℃ 500~


High voltage resistor, Surface mount capacitor
SRT provides highly stable high voltage surface mount and leaded resistors with high-quality resistance that are proven in many fields.
Type Resistance range Feature Models
Surface mount shunt resistor 1Ω~10TΩ Nonmagnetic, High resistance,
High heat resistance,
High precision thick/thin film
Leaded resistor 50kV/10T/350℃ High voltage, High resistance,
High precision, Wire wound,
Voltage divider
Surface mount capacitor Capacitance from 1pF to 1.8uF at 4kV
Non-inductive ceramic resistor


Non-inductive ceramic resistor
Kanthal has been manufacturing non-inductive ceramic resistors suitable for high energy and high power devices. Having over 80-year-histories, Kanthal is one of the few world-leading manufacturers those who provide ceramic resistors.
Type Resistance value Resistance tolerance Temperature coefficient Models
Tubular resistor 1~1MΩ 5,10,20% +0.2~-0.02%/℃ 26
Axial leaded resistor 1~48kΩ 5,10,20% +0. ~-0.08%/℃ 26
Slab resistor 0.2~800Ω 2%,5,10,20% +0.2~-20.08%/℃ 6
Cable assembly, Receptacle

Essex X-ray

Cable assembly, Receptacle
Essex X-ray offers cable assemblies and receptacles suitable for design and manufacturing of high voltage applications such as medical X-ray, industrial X-ray, NDT, inspection, electron beam welding, electron microscope, pulsed power, fusion, plasma research, and particle physics.
Medical X-ray cables: 75kV Federal Standard cables and receptacles
Industrial X-ray cables: 65kV(R3), 100kV(R10), 160kV(R24), 210kV(R30),
225kV(R28), Pantak type cables and receptacles
High energy pulsed power cables: Up to 300kV withstand voltage cables
Receptacles: Particular receptacles used in particle physics applications
Custom designs: High voltage interconnects customization available

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