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Winding tester、High precision DC power supplies

Neureus Technolgy

Winding tester、High precision DC power supplies
Neureus Technolgy offers winding testers that detect the insulation failures of wound devices such as magnet coils, motors/generators, solenoids, and transformers. High precision DC power supplies suitable for plasma physics, particle accelerators and ion beam applications are available as well.
Type Output Max output voltage Max output current Precision 直線性
Winding tester CDG7000 7000V 2000A(peak current)
High precision DC power REPRO S 06 30V 200A ±2ppm 3ppm
REPRO S 15 75V 200A ±2ppm 3ppm
Rogowski current probe


Rogowski current probe
PEM’s current probe has been used in a variety of measurement sites from semiconductors to power supplies. It can measure the electric current up to 600kA.
  • Easy to use, thin, flexible, clip-around coil. Easy to insert in limited spaces.
  • Non-intrusive. Dissimilar to shunt probes, only a few pH of insertion impedance does not interrupt the current under test.
  • Accurately replicates fast switching current waveforms; pulsed, sinusoidal and quasi sinusoidal waveforms
  • Current ranges: 300mA to 600kA,Wide bandwidth: 0.1Hz to 30MHz, Coil length: 80 to 1,000mm (standard)
High voltage test fixture devices

ULTRAVOLT:(Advanced Energy)

High voltage test fixture devices
The TF series product line consists of three kinds of units supports the need to make accurate measurements of high voltage power supply (HVPS) and HV system performance.
It can be applied in R&D, incoming inspection, production test, field test or calibration.
Each TF series device work as a stand-alone test fixture device optimized for the specific HV testing when combined with conventional meters and oscilloscopes.
  • high voltage DC test fixture (up to 40kVdc)
  • Accurate HV in-line measurement
  • View and measure ripples (-ACV&DCD)
  • High precision/ high stability measurement (-DCD)
  • View and measure Trise/Tfall waveforms (-CDCD&CLOAD)
  • Monitor signals from DC to 20MHz

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