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UHF/VHF band RF power supply, Auto matching unit

JS Giken

UHF/VHF band RF power supply, Auto matching unit
Specialized in industrial high frequency power supplies with frequency range from 20kHz to 500MHz, JS Giken produces devices for plasma process and semiconductor manufacturing process.
Custom request of standard models and inquiry of auto matching units are proactively taken care of.
JS Giken has successfully provided customers with exceptional customizations such as high voltage superposition and AM modulation.
Type Maximum frequency Maximum Power Models
13.56~40.68MHz RF power supply 13.56~40.68MHz 3kW 12~
VHF band /UHF band, RF power supply 450MHz 1.1kW 6~
Low frequency band, RF power supply 100kHz~1MHz 1kW 3~
  • * customization available
Magnetron and microwave power supply

YOSHIO Electronic

Magnetron and microwave power supply
YOSHIO Electronic delivers high voltage power supplies for magnetron whose configuration are optimized in experimentation and to be integrated into devices.
Single article purchase of magnetron bulb manufactured by HITACHI, Toshiba and Panasonic are available.
Type Frequency Maximum Power Models
HV power supply for magnetron 2.45GHz 3kW 6
Magnetron bulb(HITACHI/Toshiba/Panasonic) 2.45GHz 3kW 17~
Microwave power supply, Magnetron power supply

MKS (Alter Power Systems)

Microwave power supply, Magnetron power supply
From industrial microwave generators for microwave heating and plasma coating to magnetron power supplies and waveguides, MKS provides design, development and manufacturing of all components related to microwave.
MKS also offers switching technology applied compact magnetron power supplies that achieve 94% high performance.
Type Maximum frequency Output Max Power Models
Microwave power supply and generator 2.45GHz 30kW 17
Microwave output head 2.45GHz 10kW 18
Magnetron 2.45GHz 6kW 14
  • ★Waveguide parts such as Phase shifter, 3 Stub tuner, Isolator, Power monitor are available.
RF power supply / Matching unit

AE(Advanced Energy)

RF power supply / Matching unit
AE offers varieties of RF power supplies that enhance each characteristics and performances by either single item or arbitrary combination.
AE’s auto matching units that are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology execute the fast, reliable and precise matching of 15W to10kW power in a wide range of load impedance.
Type Output Frequency
Paramount® 1.5~6 kW 400kHz~60MHz RF power supply
PDX® 5kW~8 kW 330~460 kHz
Cesar® 300 W~5 kW 2~40.68 MHz
Navigator® ~10kW 13.56~60MHz Matching unit
Navio™ 1kW, 3kW, 5kW 13.56~60MHz

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