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Plasma diagnostic/ Parameter measurement system


Plasma diagnostic/ Parameter measurement system
Having a concept “Plasma measurement to understand and control the future”, Impedans delivers measurement instruments specialized in plasma diagnostic measurement.
Impedans’ plasma measurement devices contribute to not only the conventional plasma measurement but also the measurement of atmospheric pressure plasma, HiPIMS plasma, space plasma, and ion energy distribution
Application Measures Standard model
Substrate ion interactions Ion energy and ion flux / Ion angular distribution /
Ion neutral fraction / Ion mass and energy
Bulk plasma parameters Plasma parameter characteristic /Process compatible plasma /
Magnetic field of RF plasma
Power delivery plasma measurement Multi-frequency in-line RF voltage,
current, phase, impedance and harmonic measurement /
Multi-frequency RF system with plasma diagnostic and complex waveform analysis /
In-line RF power /In-line RF voltage, current, phase
Micro-Arc detection RF amplitude, RF event
Plasma diagnostic/ Parameter measurement system


Plasma diagnostic/ Parameter measurement system
EMICON system, the plasma spectroscopy monitor system, is capable of monitoring plasma emission intensity, density of ion and electron, spectrometer profile, spectral element, and plasma species within plasma light emission from 200 to 1100nm.
Up to 8- channel-simultaneous process controls are available.
SpecLine, automatic plasma emission spectral analysis and line identification software, identifies atoms, molecules, and ions instantly through approx. 600 thousand kinds of database search.
PLASUS EMICON systems are now utilized in many plasma process control sites.
EMICON Type Spectrometer Channels Spectral range Spectral Resolution Features
MC series 1~8 200~1100nm Approx 1.4nmFWHM
HR series 1~2 200~860nm Approx 0.15nmFWHM
SA series 1~8 200~1100nm Approx 1.4nmFWHM Built-in PC,
Touch screen

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